In Hellion, The Only Ones That Can Hear You Scream Are Those Who May Betray You

In the new space survival game Hellion, you have two options: teamwork or mutiny.

Hellion is an upcoming space survival game where players wake up from cryo-sleep and must put their trust in one another to make it out alive. In a solar system roughly 1/3 the scale of our own, players must navigate their ship to derelict or drifting stations and other space-faring vessels in order to gather supplies for their own ships or weapons to take them over. Players have the incentive to work together, leaving someone behind to pilot the ship they wake up on, while an away team must leave the ship to explore wreckage, but players also have the freedom to abandon their away team, or mount a coup of upon their return from an EVA. 

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Developer Zero Gravity games is here with some pre-Alpha footage and commentary that will get you oriented for your first steps out into the great unknown.

Below are some screenshots from the demo:

This view is from the bridge. One team of players must stay here to keep ship systems monitored and pilot the ship around this Gas Giant, which is approximately 50,000 kilometers across and has realistic orbital gravity. That space station to the left? You’ve gotta get there.

Here’s a view of the engineering team depressurizing the airlock. Airlocks and a few other modules on your ship and space stations are kept in permanent zero-G to ease transitions between environments.

“Major Tom to Ground Control, I’m stepping through the door…”

Entering the derelict space station requires some serious maneuvering. The away team has jetpacks which aid in orientation, but with real gravity being a factor, your movements have to be precise, or you could become space junk floating off into nothingness.

Inside the space station, players will find access to all sorts of things, including weapons which you can see here. It’s up to you and your teammates to trust one another not to turn those weapons on one another and work together.

Here we see the EVA team returning to the ship toward the bridge, rifle in hand.


Hellion boasts some spectacular views.

And finally, after a successful mission and EVA, the engineering team returns home. 

While Hellion is still in development, creator Zero Gravity Games has shown off a game that looks positively out of this world. We can’t wait to get to orbit with it.

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