Kingdom Hearts was almost an animated show

Kingdom Hearts almost had an animated show, but Square Enix and Disney dropped it because the interpretation was too different from the game.
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Kingdom Hearts almost had its own animated show! Did you know that? Well, the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming? knew and they’ve decided to tell the world!

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The video goes on to explain that after the success of the first game in the early 2000s, Square and Disney started to work on an animated series for the game. They hired Seth Kearsley, who worked with Disney’s television and animation division, to write and direct a pilot for a potential animation series. He was given complete creative control over the project.

This led him to start reimagining Sora’s first trip to Agrabah, which would have been even better considering Kearsley was given complete access to the Disney animation archive; Kearsley wanted to use the backgrounds already from the movie to give the new show an authentic feel (and save money).

However, despite audiences being very pleased with the idea of a Kingdom Hearts TV show (what sort of fangirl wouldn’t be pleased about an animated series for Kingdom Hearts?), the show was not picked up because the show was a very different interpretation from the games. Square Enix and Disney had already agreed to do more games and they couldn’t afford a TV show that would conflict with future plot points.

Too bad for us, right?

Though Kearsley did post some of the storyboards from the pilot episode online. All of the pictures can be found at KH Insider.

The video also talks about extra scenes featured in the games’ trailers and secret endings, teasers for fake games, and an iOS spin-off game that also never saw the light of day.

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