League of Legends 5.4 – Best ADCs for Solo Queue

Best ADCs to carry your team in Solo Queue in the patch 5.4
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Hello guys, I’m here because I want to show you who are the best ADCs to carry a game in solo queue. Keep in mind that these are the ADCs that I find the easier to win the game from the start because winning lane plays a major role in solo queue, it avoids your teammates from being on tilt because there’s the hope of the ADC being able to carry.

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So to start off with, I’m going to talk about five specific champions. Up first is Graves. 

Why is Graves such a strong ADC at the moment? Well, he is one of the few ADCs that has been buffed recently. He’s also naturally tanky due to his passive (grants armor and magic resist when he stays in combat) and stacks up to 10 times. He’s strong in every stage of the game, from early to late game with a huge burst in AOE damage once he gets BF Sword and his, pretty much only, downside is the short range that usually doesn’t mean a lot since he can dash forward and land his combo easily and his dash gives him an extra attack speed bonus which makes his late game even stronger.

Moving on, another great ADC for solo queue is Sivir. She has been a target of major controversy but still, in my opinion, deserves to be mentioned in this list. So what’s so good about Sivir? She can provide utility for her team with her ultimate that can multiple uses from engage/desengage and chasing. In lane she’s hard to kill if played correctly because her spell shield can block CC abilites such as Blitzcrank grab, Morgana binding and Thresh death sentence and many others. Once she gets to level 6 it gets even harder because she can just pop her ultimate and run away.

She’s also a very good lane pusher with her Q and W. Her Q will travel through all minions in a wave and her W can ricochet between them making her great for splitpushing if necessary. She’s also very good to kite with because of her bonus movement speed from her passive and ultimate and when she activates her W she receives a bonus attack speed at level 6+.

The problems with Sivir is that she will run out of mana fairly quickly if you spam her boomerang in lane and she has one the lowest ranges from all ADC’s (500).

An ADC that fell behind a little bit but It’s still a great ADC for solo queue is Corki. This is the champion I recommend you if you’re not a experienced ADC player. He has one of biggest nukes of all ADC’s, massive physical and magic damage, a gap closer, high damage poke, incredibly good mid-game power spike, easy to farm with due to his passive (%true damage) and even if he loses lane, his rockets scale well with levels so he can still have decent poke before a teamfight erupts. What set Corki behind others ADC’s was the nerfs to his Q and R, the increased mana cost on his W (from 50 to 100) and he has somewhat short range but despite his recent nerfs, he still is a very strong champion that only falls off late game but his mid-game powerspike is enormous and he can make a huge difference in a teamfight. 

Let’s talk a little bit about late game. What ADC comes to your mind when someone says “Amazing late game?” Well, for me it’s Jinx. Jinx is probably one of the best (if not the best) ADC for late game, she has a lot of contribution for a teamfight, she has high poke, one of the strongest area of effect global ultimates of all ADCs that deals massive damage when the enemies are lower on HP, a huge attack speed steroid in her Q that is amazing to take down towers, can have high range in her Q as well when she switches to rockets. The rockets drain mana per attack but the damage is AoE and increases her range a lot when at max level. She has self peel with her E and W and once she gets a kill or a assist in a teamfight she has very high chase potential that allows her to clean-up the remaining kills.

Her only flaw is the lack of escapes, if she can’t get a kill or assist in a teamfight and her flash is down, she will most likely die if she gets caught out of position so in the late game you should always consider getting a QSS (Mercurial Scimitar) to get ride of any stun that might get to you. 

Before we end it, I still wanna talk about one of my favorite ADCs that hasn’t seen a lot of play in competitive levels. That champion is Draven. Many people have mix opinions about playing Draven because he’s a very high skill cap champion, you need to able to catch your spinning axes in order to deal a ton of damage in a teamfight and believe me, focusing the right target, being able to dodge important skillshots thrown at you, keeping an eye on their backline while having to catch your axes It’s hard so if you’re not somewhat experienced in the role you should stay way from Draven but if you know the role well, give him a try! 

Draven has the best passive in the game to snowball a lead. Every time you catch your axe you receive a stack of Adoration (passive). When you get a kill you cashout those stacks, giving you 50 + 2 gold for each stack. Imagine that you have 200 stacks in your passive and you got a kill, you’ll receive 300 gold from the kill + an extra  450 gold. That’s 750 gold for just a kill! It’s almost enough to buy a Pickaxe and that makes a big difference. His E allows you to stop gapclosers such as Corki’s W and Caitlyn’s E. His Q makes him a beast, giving a ton of extra damage to your autos and his ultimate is global and AoE that deals a big amount of damage in a teamfight and at last, his W is a great steroid for ADCs as it gives bonus movement speed and attack speed and the ability resets when you catch a spinning axe giving you extra chase/escape potential.  

This was my first article here, thanks for reading and I hope to be back next time with something new! 

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