Magicka 2 Release Date Announced with this Games of Thrones Parody Trailer

Vlad is Definitely Not a Vampire

Vlad is Definitely Not a Vampire

Warm up your fingers and get ready to yell at your friends again because the Magicka 2 release date is May 26.

We’re getting a new campaign, co-op, a challenge mode, and game-changing artifacts. Paradox Interactive released a trailer on their YouTube channel for the Magicka 2 release date with this to say about it:

We’ve published a completely fair-use trailer containing all-new gameplay and allegedly new ideas!

In the trailer, Paradox Interactive have cleverly parodied the opening credits from the well-known show, Game of Thrones. Vlad from the game sings to the tune of the Game of Thrones theme. Some features are shown, as well as some gameplay. 

The game is releasing on May 26th but PC users can pre-order the game now with PS4 users being able to do so soon. The game will be available for $14.99 on both platforms.

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