Magicmaker and the Wizard Temp Agency

A 2D sidescrolling platform, Magicmaker is coming to Steam on September 22!

Coming to Steam September 22, Magicmaker is a 2D sidescrolling RPG platformer that promises that you can do almost anything! With a unique spellcrafting system, the game advertises between 2,193,360 and 51,200,000,000 spell combinations. The developer writes: 

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You can fire burning frost lasers. Shoot poisonous exploding suns. Lead an army of iron golems. And even build turrets that shoot ricocheting lightning bullets and stuck out your enemies lifeforce.

Magicmaker also has a unique premise, with the player cast in the role of a young wizard with no job and lots of responsibilities. Thankfully, he has an opportunity to join the Wizard Temp Agency and find a career. With the help of the Job Placement Spell, he finds out he’d make a great security guard! At a community college. 

This innovative combination of the mundane and the magical is bound to entice players when the game launches on Steam September 22.

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