New Mighty No. 9 Trailer is a Trainwreck

The hope for Mighty No. 9 to be a good game goes up in a pizza-looking explosion.

I’ve been following Mighty No. 9 from the start. I’ll give a disclaimer here and tell you I backed it when it was on Kickstarter. But I regret backing it.

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Each time I watch one of these trailers, I see the dream of a new Mega Man flush down the toilet. Everything I’ve witnessed is boring. The level design doesn’t look particularly challenging. The graphics don’t look visually appealing, to a point where I wish they’d gone with a 2D game and an art style even somewhat similar to their original concept art that drew me in so fast.

Taken from gameranx

So is this trailer surprising to me? As far as the quality goes, no. I’m just surprised they’re trying to market it to anyone anymore and aren’t just trying to let it slide under the water.

This trailer in particular feels like it’s calling out to the old 90’s gamer, which might be the point. Like television broadcasters telling us how the next Mario game is going to amazing, without knowing practically anything about the game. If that was the case though, more should have been done to convey that message, to convey nostalgia. Maybe some CRT flicker?

Without an obvious callback, the only thing the current Mighty No. 9 trailer has to stand on is the jokes and advertising contained within. What they got is not impressive.

“Hey, you, looking at the screen. Let me ask you a question. Do you like awesome things that are awesome?”

“Like popping bubblewrap addictive!”

Then there’s the explosions you can see in the video’s thumbnail. Looks like pizza enough to a point where the official Sonic twitter poked fun at it.

 Have you been burned by Mighty No. 9 like I have? Maybe you see a glimmer of hope (I still kind of do myself). Use the dash move that lets you post in the comments and let me know about it.

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