Picnic Party Trick — How To Skin a Watermelon and Keep the Guests Guessing

You know you want to see how it's done.

You know you want to see how it's done.

Were you hoping that it would rain all weekend so you’d have an excuse to stay home during the three day holiday? I was too! Overwatch just came out, the new Fallout 4 dlc came out, and I’ve been curious about the new patch for The Division.

Seriously, that’s all I was hoping to do this whole weekend. But alas, it’s beautiful outside and there are barbecues/picnics aplenty. So I guess I’ll have to bear the sun and, can it be this bleak, drink a beer with my friends and eat good food? Such a bummer!

But here’s a great little way I can have a little fun while I have to put up with such grief.

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