Programmer Builds MOBA In DOOM’s SnapMap Editor

"Ambitious" is putting it lightly. This is its own full-blown game.

"Ambitious" is putting it lightly. This is its own full-blown game.

Would you play a MOBA-style take on DOOM‘s multiplayer? Hell yes you would. Currently in beta, DOOMBA is the work of programmer Patrick Roeder, built entirely in DOOM‘s impressive-but-in-many-ways-lacking SnapMap custom map editor. 

The gameplay centers around opposing teams defending their cores, which are guarded by the fat Cyber Mancubus enemy. Using an upgradable army of Hellspawn, each with four levels of powers and abilities (plus a final “Ultimate” level of great power), players must raise a forward camp and summon their assault team to bring down the Mancubus guarding the core. Once the big bruisers have been dispatched, the core must be destroyed to win the round. 

While Roeder admits the SnapMap functionality is limited, the overall scale and playability of this version of the game’s mulitplayer is impressive and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Roeder says in this Kotaku article he has plans for another game type after he completes testing and rebuilds the map once more. 

All I can think is this:

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