Shadow of Mordor’s Douchiest Warchief

The best part of any Shadow of Mordor character is hearing them chant. When one player heard "Douche" he knew he had to make that captain a warchief.
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One of the more thrilling moments in the Lord of the Rings epic game Shadow of Mordor is when you face off against a Uruk Captain or Warchief and hear their underlings chant their name. 

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When Youtuber hoodwinkedfool heard the name of this specific Captain, he knew he had to make him a Warchief. This orc was named Dűsh, and with the chanting it sounds exactly as if his fellow Uruk’s are yelling repeatedly “Douche, Douche, Douche.” 

Hoodwinkedfool maps the rise of his beloved captain, and in the meantime shows you some of the cooler parts of playing Shadow of Mordor. The video even has a shockingly touching ending. I might’ve cried. I didn’t, but I might’ve. 

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