The most epic Grand Theft Auto V car crash ever

5 minutes of awesome GTA V chaos that is guaranteed to make you happy.

5 minutes of awesome GTA V chaos that is guaranteed to make you happy.
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Mondays suck. So why not brighten up the start of this work week with some good old-fashioned Grand Theft Auto V mayhem.

Hoosker Don’t uploaded on YouTube what many are claiming to be the “mother of all GTA V crashes” and they very well may be right.

A simple bike crash leads to an incredible 5-minute pileup that is as satisfying, entertaining, and glorious as it sounds.

The first-person perspective really helps to add a flair of drama to the entire event and makes it a much more impressive sight to behold. For added enjoyment, I suggest playing “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce once the mayhem begins.

It’s a true testament to a great game that nearly 2 years after its release, Grand Theft Auto V can still surprise people like this.

There were rumors of possible GTA V single-player, story DLC being in the works but have neither been confirmed or denied by Take-Two or Rockstar.

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