The Top 5 Pieces of Dragon Age Merch

This week’s episode of Gaming Gear rounds up the top 5 pieces of Dragon Age merch - from an adorable plushie to a scarf with pockets (yes, pockets)!

In the new Gaming Gear series, I’ll be rounding up the top 5 pieces of merch from a particular game franchise. Today’s episode is all about Dragon Age: Inquisiton!

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After losing countless hours playing Dragon Age, I’ve got the perfect merch pieces to bring your fandom to the next level. 

First up is this adorable Nug plush from Sanshee! It’s perfect for some gaming time snuggles. The plush is $19.99 and comes with a guarantee of cuteness.

Stay warm while you game with this stylish Morrigan Hooded Scarf from the Bioware Store. It features a sherpa lining and pockets… that’s right, pockets. Just imagine what you could store in their during game nights. The scarf is $35 and is estimated to ship later this month.

If you feel like you need to take an unnecessary break from Inquisition to do some “working out”, than this tank top is for you! The Train like a Qunari tank is from Human and is $26.

The Bioware Store has recently released an entire line of Dragon Age inspired necklaces. The styles include Cole’s Bird Skull Necklace, Eye of the Seeker Necklace, and Varric’s Necklace. The three styles are all handmade in NYC and range from $75 – $90. 

And last but not least, is the Inquisitor Hoody from The Bioware Store. Not only does this hoody feature a beautifully embroidered Inquisition symbol on the front, or the subtle seeker print lining, or the headphone holes in the pockets…but it has chain mail panelling! CHAIN MAIL! It’s a great option for those chillier game nights and will only set you back $68.

These 5 Dragon Age items can help you bring your love of the franchise into the real world. Just be prepared to meet some fellow DA fans while out in public.

Gaming Gear is a bi-weekly show rounding up the top 5 pieces of merch from a particular game franchise. We’ll return after the holidays with a new episode in January!

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