Pokemon: top 5 Originals

Nostalgia awaits as we delve into the top five Pokemon in the original games.

Pokemon is a franchise that has evolved, if you'll excuse the pun, into one of the greatest selling franchises in video game history. There have been frequent upgrades to the series, including additional poke balls, TMs, HMs, as well as the introduction of double and triple battles. All of this is fantastic for the general progression of the franchise, but I might have left something obvious out. Yes, that's correct, there have also been hundreds of Pokemon additions. For some this is fantastic, but for others, well...

This article will attempt to list the top five Pokemon from the original games, with a detailed explanation of why they're chosen. The list has absolutely nothing to do with cuteness -- I'm boring like that -- but has everything to do with power, statistics, the diversity of its attack types and its type strengths and weaknesses. Remember, all types and attacks are based on generation 1.

5) Gengar

(The shadow Pokemon, Gengar)

Types: Ghost and Poison

Gengar seemingly appreciates appearing mischievous and spooky, but in Pokemon terms, it's a real handful. Gengar notably has several statistical weaknesses; these are, HP, attack, and defense -- since Gengar is a ghost type, it need not worry about normal and fighting types, but should definitely worry about other physical attacks. Its special defense is easily above average allowing it to survive against quite a number of attacks. Its greatest statistics are its very high special attack and high speed, basically allowing Gengar a smash-and-grab fighting style that also leaves itself fairly vulnerable to attacks.

Type strengths and weaknesses wise, Gengar is weak to ghost, psychic and ground. The ghostly monster is resistant to grass and very resistant to bug and poison. Gengar is completely unaffected by normal and fighting attacks.

Gengar is capable of learning some unusual attacks for its type. The mischievous shadowy minion can learn the following: psychic, ghost, electricity, grass, fire and ice. Its greatest attack combination is hypnosis and dream eater, as the latter attack on a sleeping Pokemon restores Gengar's HP.

4) Starmie

(The starfish Pokemon, Starmie)

Types: Water and Psychic

Starmie is a remarkable Pokemon in a myriad of different ways. Boasting higher-than-average special defensive stats and solid defense, it's capable of taking a beating. While perhaps not the greatest at physical attacks, its special attacks are powerful indeed and combined with its high speed, they're its most threatening attributes. Perhaps Starmie's greatest weakness is its low HP, but that's not a problem, as you'll soon learn.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, this Pokemon is tremendously fortunate to have very few weaknesses. Its weaknesses relating to its water type are, electricity and grass; its weaknesses relating to its secondary type are, ghost and bug. Because this Pokemon has no types which are considered double weaknesses to a single type, that means its defenses are more than adequate. Resistance-wise, Starmie is tough against, water, psychic, fire, ice, and fighting.

Where Starmie particularly shines (yes, pun intended) are its moves - those that are learned and can be learned. This star-shaped creature can learn practically anything and that makes it extremely useful for taking on a surprising number of Pokemon without needing to switch to a different type. Starmie is capable of learning psychic and water abilities, obviously, but is also capable of learning ghost, bug, ice, rock and even grass and lightning. While Starmie isn't capable of learning all assorted moves of those types, having one with ice beam, thunderbolt, psychic and surf will give opponents the jitters. Starmie is also capable of learning the coveted "recover", an ability which restores 50% HP.

All of the above makes Starmie a real contender for the number one spot.

3) Nidoking

(The King Lizard Pokemon, Nidoking)

Types: Poison and Ground

Nidoking is an imposing sight to behold. Boasting higher than average statistics in defense and special defense, he can take a beating. Nidoking shines particularly in speed, HP and special attack making him formidable at attacking powerfully quickly. Add this to his physical attack, which is his strongest attribute and he's a real powerhouse.

Type strengths and weaknesses wise, Nidoking is more fortunate than unfortunate. Because he is a poison type, he need only worry about psychic and ground attacks. For his secondary type, ground, he only needs to worry about ice and water. Resistance-wise, Nidoking is tough and can easily resist bug, rock, and fighting types. He's very resistant (25% damage received) to poison and completely immune to electricity.

Like Starmie, Nidoking is particularly successful due to its moves. Boasting an impressive array of different types, Nidoking is almost a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to moves. Nidoking can learn the following types: poison, ground, fire, ice, electricity, fighting, bug, water and rock. If Nidoking has earthquake, rockslide, and two unusual types, like thunderbolt and ice beam, he can be formidable against many different types.

2) Dragonite

(The dragon Pokemon, Dragonite)

Types: Dragon and Flying

While it perhaps looks similar to another dragon from another media form, Dragonite is definitely something else here. Dragonite boasts some of the most impressive statistics in the original game and features above average speed, solid HP, and even more solid defense. Dragonite's special attack and special defense are particularly high, making it equally dangerous as it is defensive. But the dragon's most prominent stat is its attack, which is very high indeed and capable of ruining a Pokemon's day quite easily.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, Dragonite is only weak to dragon and rock but is unfortunately very weak (4x damage received) to ice. Resistance-wise, Dragonite is tough against fire, water, bug and fighting and very resistant to grass. Dragonite is completely invulnerable to ground.

Dragonite is capable of learning a large amount of different types of attacks. Dragonite can learn the following: fire, dragon, flying, electricity, ice and psychic. Like the previously discussed Pokemon, Dragonite is devastating with a powerful physical attack like hyper beam and a couple of special attacks like thunderbolt and ice beam.

1) Blastoise

(The shellfish Pokemon, Blastoise)

Type: Water

Who wouldn't find a creature with two cannons protruding out of its shell intimidating? Blastoise's statistics for HP and speed are solid, meaning more-than-above-average. Its attack and special attack are higher still, allowing it to deal damage. Blastoise's greatest asset is its defensive prowess, with defense and special defense all nicely high, allowing it to withstand some serious punishment. This Pokemon is a well-rounded, tough competitor.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, Blastoise is only vulnerable to grass and electricity. The shellfish Pokemon is resistant to fire, water and ice. The lack of weaknesses and amount of strengths this Pokemon has really sets it apart from most others.

Blastoise isn't capable of learning as many types of attacks as some of the preceding Pokemon in this list, but can still learn a fair few. Our shell fish friend can learn water, fighting, ice, rock, and ground, allowing it some diversity and the ability to surprise unaware opponents. A Blastoise combined with attacks like surf, ice beam, earthquake and rock slide will be a force to be reckoned with.

There you have it. Blastoise is the winner because of its solid-to-high attributes, limited vulnerabilities and the good array of attack types it can learn.

Am I right? Am I wrong? What are your top 5? Leave your answers in the comments.

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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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