Diep.io Finally Gets a New Update with Survival Mode

A look at the new and long awaited updated to hit diep.io.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game for whatever reason, Diep.io is one of the older io games. You play as a tank and work your way around the map destroying various shapes and other players to gain XP. Once you have acquired enough XP you level up. This gives you attribute points to spend on various stats such as bullet speed, penetration, max hp and much more.

Up until quite recently, the Diep.io community has been somewhat skeptical about the game's future. Mostly due to the lack of updates/interest in the game from the original developer. However, a new developer is bringing a ray of hope in the form of much-needed updates!

New Diep Game Mode: Survival mode

Survival mode is the latest addition to hit Diep.ioIt is an extremely hardcore game mode in which you are granted just one life per game. When you die you are out of that match and you will not respawn until the next game.

I have a feeling this new game mode might lead to a few epic rage sessions.

If that wasn't enough, there is also a new game mechanic. As the game progresses the floor starts to darken, and with each player's death, the area in which shapes spawn gets smaller. Effectively shrinking the playing field, bringing players closer together and speeding things up.

The 1 life policy increases the pace further, and shortens lives more and you’ll never spawn into a level 200 powerhouse that’s been playing for a few hours before you arrived.

Survival is live for everyone, you can play it for yourself by simply selecting the green ‘Survival’ button at the top of your screen upon arriving at the website.

That’s pretty much everything, for now, hopefully, you’ll give survival a go for yourself. If you do, good luck. It is pretty intense, but lots of fun.


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Published Mar. 7th 2017

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