PS4 Will Cost $1,884 in Brazil at Launch

If you think video games are expensive, try living in Brazil.

That's right, if you live in Brazil you will have to pay US $1,884 or R $3,999 for a PS4. This almost twice as expensive as the Xbox One, which will be R $2,199 (US $1,008). It is odd that the Xbox One will be so much cheaper there than Playstation 4 because nearly everywhere else, the Playstation 4 is cheaper.

The games for PS4 are a little more acceptable as they will cost what the cheaper PS3 games cost now, R$179 ($82). Even at this outrageous price, it is nowhere near as bad as the PS3 was when it launched at R $7,999 ($3,668).

Import tax is the apparent reason behind these absurd prices and it seems that Brazilians always have to pay a lot for imported electronics. I just can't even imagine paying that much in the US, but many in Brazil do so and without question. It is part businesses and part consumers as well that contribute to the high prices. Retailers could lower the prices, but why would they when people are willing to pay them?

It might actually be cheaper to take a trip to the US to buy one than buying it in Brazil.

What do you think about the prices of video games in Brazil? Is it truly outrageous, or a reasonable export tax? Discuss this situation in the comments below.

Published Oct. 17th 2013

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