Splatoon's 2.8.0 Update Details

Splatoon 2.8.0 adds new gear and weapons while fixing some glitches and map advantages.

The popular third-person shooter for the Wii U, Splatoon, is getting a software update on June 8, 2016 with new weapons and gear plus adjustments to existing ones. They've also fixed a few glitches here and there and made adjustments to prevent shortcuts in certain maps.

The June update also adds nine new weapons and two new gears. More specific details on the weapon, sub-weapon, and ability adjustments can be found be found here.

Arowana Mall and the Piranha Pit maps now prevent players from using certain shortcuts, while Bluefin Depot has fixed the bug where a player can enter certain objects in Rainmaker Mode. Camp Triggerfish has adjusted the Rainmaker detection for when it's brought too far back into your starting area.

Also, players can no longer jump higher by touching an opponent's Splash Wall, plus some other miscellaneous enhancements to the game. 

A friendly reminder that to play online, you must update your game to the most recent version.


Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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