Leon, Charizard, and More Sync Pairs Soar Into Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters adds Leon, Marnie, and more in the coming month alongside celebrations for one and a half years of sync battles.

Pokemon Masters EX is getting some Champion-sized updates in the coming month, including additions to sync pairs and more. The game's first Master sync pair and a very hungry 'mon are coming up first, followed by two new Champions later in March. 

Galar Champion Leon and his buddy Charizard are the first Master sync pair for EX, and they'll be available from February 25 through March 17. These types of sync pairs are powerful duos that have a passive skill providing boosts to the whole party. Marnie and Morpeko are also available in the same time frame, and while they aren't a Master duo, Morpeko is packing its signature Hangry mode to shake battles up.

Both characters have special story events celebrating their arrival in EX. Leon's runs from February 25 through March 17 and features him battling alongside Marnie and Gloria in a series of tournaments. Marnie's Spikemuth-themed Yell and Dream event kicks off March 3 and also ends March 17.

Unova Champion Iris comes to Pasio with Hydreigon along with Kalos' Diantha and Gardevoir sometime later in March.

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating a year and a half of battles in March and is starting a series of login bonuses from February 25 through March 30, where players can earn up to 10,000 Gems. That's just icing on the Leon, Charizard, Marnie, and Morpeko cake.


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Published Feb. 24th 2021

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