The Last of Us: One Night Live Reveals a Secret Epilogue

The Last of Us: One Night Live showed audiences performances of in-game scenes by the talented cast of the game, as well as a mysterious epilogue!

Did you miss The Last of Us: One Night Live? Well don't worry, details of the night's event are to follow, as well as a mysterious epilogue that Naughty Dog had been hiding from us. Trust me, it's no disappointment!

Warning: The Last Of Us spoilers ahead!

Night's Overview

On July 28th the original cast of the game got together to perform selected scenes live for one night only. It was strange to watch people who looked so different from the characters we all know and love play out these well-known scenes, but it didn't take long for me to get over this with their brilliant acting and feel the emotional ties I had previously formed with these characters come flooding back. For instance, Ashley Johnson may not look like Ellie but she certainly has her spunk! Or, more accurately, Ellie has Ashley's spunk...

The evening consisted of commentary from Neil Druckmann which filled in the gaps between various gripping and intense acted scenes, accompanied by music from Gustavo Santaolalla which ensured that the emotions felt throughout the game were re-awakened within the viewers that night. There was even a special alternative scene which involved some beautiful singing voices! (I'm sure some of you already know which scene I'm talking about)

Luckily most of the night can be viewed online, however there's one scene which Naughty Dog will never release publicly. Neil introduced this scene after the credits, saying that it was a special treat for the audience's eyes only.

The Secret Epilogue

Within this epilogue, Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie sat alone, with Joel trying to make light of the situation; talking about how Tommy, Joel's brother, is trying to get him together with a woman at the camp called Esther. Ellie seems distant however, supposedly to do with what had happened previously in Salt Lake City.

This is when Joel picks up his guitar and sings a song just for Ellie all about what they have been through together. I wish I could have been there to see it, but from what people are saying on forums it sounds pretty special.

This was a scene that was originally intended to be shown within the game but writers couldn't find a way to make it fit with the ending. The idea behind the scene was to have one last goodbye to Joel, Ellie, and the 4 years that Naughty Dog had spent perfecting The Last of Us.

You can read a more detailed version of the epilogue in Polygon's article.

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Published Jul. 30th 2014

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