Breaking News: Tri-Realm MMORPG Camelot Unchained Successfully funded at $2M

Camelot Unchained from City State Entertainment funds successfully at 2Million Dollars.

At approximately 4:05PM EDT, Camelot Unchained-- the new venture from Mark Jacobs and Andrew Megg's independent studio City State Entertainment reached it's 2 Million dollar funding goal!  The project is in it's final stretch with less than 20 hours to go after a terrifying hiccup with the Kickstarter/Amazon payments pledge program yesterday.

Camelot Unchained the Tri-Realm MMORPG will be brought to you from some of the original creators of the extremely successful Realm vs. Realm (tm) combat MMO Dark Ages of Camelot.  It will feature incredibly innovative gameplay, design, a brand new engine, and a new take on the MMORPG entirely.  

The game will have a deep vein of "sandbox" mentality, allowing a pure crafting class, and a player driven economy.  With no PvE leveling, Camelot Unchained promised an entirely different world of gaming, and as this writer watched the livestream of their team seeing the update: "FUNDED," it's clear to see the dedication and creativity of this 12 person team.

Can't wait to see what the City State team will bring with stretch goals over the next 20 hours, but for more information, or to get in as a last minute backer, see my original article right here on Gameskinny or visit the project's Kickstarter here.

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Published May. 1st 2013
  • Isulinde
    This is definitely an endeavor worth watching.
  • Nicole Nymh
    Featured Correspondent
    The amount of updates they posted over the course of the Kickstarter was both overwhelming and inspiring- 43 in 30 days. Many of them being 15+ minute video uploads. The Mark-A-Thon was incredible (he spent several hours answering email questions in recorded video which was uploaded to the kickstarter), and the almost daily livestreaming updates and opportunities to play their engine test mini-game. Watching the livestream when they hit 2million while playing various "celebration" themed songs, with video streaming from every team member's desk- was heartwarming. They truly invited the gaming community to feel a part of their success, and watching a millionaire cry over the amount of response and support from the community is definitely a moment that helped me remember that games are made by People. One of the games developer's was a bit late coming to the celebratory hug on the stream, because he called his wife to tell her the news. I am so excited to watch this project grow!
  • SupportGuy
    Featured Contributor
    I nearly backed this on the developer's attitude alone (seemed genuinely committed to making the game the best it can be in the Kickstarter video he posted) - I'm glad to see that it's funded. :D

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