Minecraft Seeing PS3 Release Tomorrow, December 17th

Minecraft is finally finding its way to the PlayStation 3.

Minecraft has been released on just about every last-gen (that feels weird to say) console thus far besides the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but as of tomorrow it will finally be able to check one of those remaining Minecraft-less platforms off the list.

The PlayStation Blog announced the game would be making its way to the platform, stating that the version being put up on the PlayStation Network is up to date with that of other platforms.

The blog post also mentions texture packs and DLC texture packs will be available soon after the PlayStation 3 release, but they are not sure whether there will be any console-exclusive DLC down the line.

Those of you holding your breath for PS Vita or PlayStation 4 versions of the game will have to keep waiting. The post does mention these release are currently in development, but they are not able to give any release dates.

Minecraft will be available on the PlayStation Network for PS3 users come tomorrow, December 17th. There are no current plants for a physical release on the platform.

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Published Dec. 16th 2013
  • Mike Acciarino
    Featured Contributor
    I'm curious to see how sales will do, considering it's been on PC and Xbox for quite some time now.

    When it hits the Vita (...and when I get a Vita...), I'll definitely pick it up again.

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