Battleborn Gets A New Hero & Double XP Weekend

Battleborn receives a brand new hero and a Bonus XP Weekend starting this Friday!

It's great news for Battleborn fans this week as Gearbox Software has been showcasing their new hero, Pendles, via livestreams that were held earlier in the week. Design Director, Brian Thomas, and Character Designer, Ben Gettleman, joined the livestream to discuss Pendles past and present; but also their top tips and tricks with utilizing him to his full potential. For full details on Pendles you view the recorded stream below (stream starts at 22:17).

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As of today, Pendles is unlockable for everyone for 47,500 in-game credits and players can receive a free Pendles “Constrictor” gold skin by redeeming the SHiFT code below. The code is only available for a limited time, be sure to redeem the code by Monday 8th of August.

Also announced is that Battleborn will be receiving another Double XP Event where players can earn double Character and Command Rank XP. This event will run from this Friday, August 5th at 8am PT (11am ET) all the way through to Wednesday, August 10th at 8am PT.

A small number of hotfixes have also been made to Battleborn in order to adjust character balancing and matchmaking. Full details on these hotfixes can be found below:

We do have a few hotfixes to tell you all about this week, the most notable being adjustments to Mellka. Mellka is meant to be a mid to short range harasser. We found that her health and gun accuracy allowed her to poke enemies from afar and stay in combat for long periods of time. The gun accuracy changes will force Mellka players to be closer to combat. Mellka's health decrease will also reduce the amount of time the player is able to maintain lane presence. As you may know, hotfixes begin rolling out every Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET).

• Reduced Mellka's base health by 18% (from 1130 to 982 at level 1)
• Reduced Mellka's Custom Machine Pistol accuracy
• Reduced the volume of music when in the Command Menu
• Fixed an issue that prevented players from incrementing Montana's "Fireside Sing-Along" lore challenge
• Minor tweaks to matchmaking
• Disabled the "Burning Sunset" legendary gear due to it offering unintended invincibility in certain situations

Will you be playing Battleborn this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 5th 2016

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