Tiny Graveyard at Kickstarter

Tiny Graveyard is one of the newest crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter.

Tiny Graveyard is an action-adventure game, and a Kickstarter project. It combines many interesting aspects, including fighting enemies, zombie building, and puzzle solving. Evil zombies are created by The Keepers a secret society that happens to be the main enemy in this game. Players can build good zombies as well, and they will be helpful for mission solving.

The game is being developed by 2ndSum Softwares. Funding is being raised via the Kickstarter platform, with this being one of the newest games listed. For those who aren't familiar with Kickstarter, it is important to say that they enable financing of interesting projects. Anyone from any part of the world can support a project by donating money. Supporters are popularly called backers and receive different kind of rewards in a compensation. What reward one receives depends on how much money they've donated. Some will receive an HD digital wallpaper, access to forums, and digital copy of the game, while others will get much more than that.

Some funding tiers even allow a backer to become a part of the game team, and be present at company events. This will open a door for one to be highly involved in the project. The game owners are trying to collect at least 80.000 dollars through Kickstarter by April 10, 2016. As of now, they have collected about 10% of that. However, there is still a lot of time, and the goal may be met. If they collect that amount, the game will become available on the market.  


Published Mar. 20th 2016

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