Yahoo Building an Alternative to YouTube & Twitch?

YouTube is the current undisputed champion of the online video space, but for how long? Yahoo explores solving the complaints that gamers have with the video platform giant.

Yahoo may be trying to design its own version of a video streaming website to rival YouTube, as well as possibly getting some of the bigger YouTube professionals to change their allegiance.

Re/code, The Escapist and engadget all reported that the people Yahoo are thinking of converting are those that have made

...persistent complaints by both video creators and owners, who think that they don’t make enough money on YouTube.

However, this service will not be open for everyone, but rather exclusive for the handpicked few that Yahoo are looking to feature from YouTube.

An 'inside source' from Yahoo said that the service might open up after a year, to allow for other users to upload their own videos; but this is rumour, as others have claimed that Yahoo may simply purchase another video sharing company that is already in existence, such as Vimeo.

Currently, YouTube allows 100 hours of content to be uploaded to the site every minute. Apparently Yahoo is not looking to copy this form as yet, but stick to a more streamlined video service.

As yet, Yahoo have not made any comment yet to back up or refute the story.

I'm all for it.

all competition is good; every service should have an alternative as, much like the board game, a monopoly is overrated.

In the business of the internet, all competition is good; every service should have an alternative as, much like the board game, a monopoly is overrated.

While Yahoo does not have the best reputation for its email service, Flickr and Yahoo Answers still thrive. Yahoo's recent purchase of a rather large blogging website could also help if users could record and post videos directly, rather than having to upload a file or URL from YouTube.

In contrast to Google's jack-of-all-trades-master-of-actually-a-large-amount approach it has with YouTube and Android, Yahoo could provide a more streamlined service; something that could be thought of as professional, rather than the user's content (whatever it may be) being shared with countless videos of cats; Or the thousands of hours of Minecraft that's on there; or a preteen's terrible rapping; or cats.

Finally, with the recent controversy over Let's Plays being taken down for copyright, many of which were allowed by the companies of the games they were showing, the competition might actually provoke a change to the copyright agreements you have to read carefully automatically click "I Agree" to when signing up to a website.

The more competition there is, the more the internet becomes a democratic meritocracy.

That's something that we, as users, should be cheering about.



Published Mar. 31st 2014

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