Titanfall for Xbox 360 Delayed

Oh, don't worry, that's not a long delay. You can handle it.

If you're planning to purchase the hotly anticipated Titanfall on Xbox One, this news doesn't affect you.

That version is still slated to hit store shelves on March 11. However, if you haven't yet upgraded to the new Xbox console and you're getting the 360 version, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks.

Electronic Arts has announced that developer Bluepoint Games needs a bit more time with the 360 version of Titanfall, which means the new launch date is March 25. EA explained that the team needed extra time to "put the finishing touches on the game."

Although it's not a big deal, Xbox 360 owners must feel as if they're getting the short end of the stick. First, they find out that they can't participate in the beta test (only open to Xbox One and PC players); now they learn they'll have to wait longer for their version. Well, everything's not all roses, you know?

Titanfall remains one of the most anticipated titles of 2014.

This is one game I'd have to play on a next-gen console

I haven't played Titanfall, but everything I've read and heard about it just screams "next-gen." If I couldn't afford to upgrade to the Xbox One, I'd probably still wait to play it. No way I'd want the inferior experience on the 360--not with a game like this. For such productions, you want to play them on the platform that will allow them to shine, right?

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Published Feb. 6th 2014

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