Open Those Wallets: The Steam Autumn Sale Has Begun!

The Steam Autumn Sale is here again! Is your wallet cowering in fear yet?

We all know Steam sales come at certain times of year, but we're never prepared. Never. Here we are at yet another Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and again our wallets and bank accounts must suffer in the name of cheap gaming. 

Okay, not really. My bank account is ready for the Steam Autumn Sale onslaught, and I hope yours is, too. We won't be getting another one for a month!

From now until November 27 (that's only six days, folks), Steam's got some deep discounts on AAA and indie titles alike.

Recent indies like Graveyard Keeper (down to $13.99) and Wizard of Legend (down to $11.99) sit alongside larger releases like Civilization 6 (down to $17.99) and Fallout 4 (down to $23.99) in this annual sale that'll make your wallet weep and significant other harp on you for spending too much money on games you won't play, just like they do every Steam sale.

What are you waiting for? Go spend some money before the Black Friday sales can get to you first.

Check the sale out on the Steam storefront

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Published Nov. 21st 2018

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