Humble Bundle Expands Again with SEGA Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundle looks to make Mobile Bundles permanent.

The people over at Humble Bundle have been quite busy as of late. It feels like just yesterday that they started to offer sales on games on a weekly basis. Now with the release of the Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle, sales for mobile (android) bundles are here to stay.

With the new tab marked "Mobile Bundle," you can see that they have plans to keep rotating out Android games every other week. With mobile games coming out in quicker succession, this is something that I am quite excited for. Paying $1 to $5 a game here and there can seem fine, but for how quickly great new games are coming out, you can feel your wallet getting smaller and smaller. This gives everyone a great opportunity to get those games and help a good cause, without breaking the bank.

If you haven't had a chance to check out their current stock of games in the Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle, be sure to check it out. I can easily say that this bundle is worth the price. The great titles that is included with this bundle are:

  • Sonic 4: Episode I
  • Sonic 4: Episode II
  • Chu Chu Rocket
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing
  • Crazy Taxi

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Published Aug. 23rd 2014

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