New details on the Star Wars Battlefront season pass

EA has revealed what content you will get for buying the Star Wars Battlefront season pass.

EA has given new details on what the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront will get you. On EA's official Star Wars website, they have revealed that the season pass will grant you 4 expansion packs. This will include:

  • 16 new multiplayer maps to fight on
  • 4 new game modes to play
  • 4 more heroes and villains to play as
  • 20 new pieces of galactic tech including new weapons, vehicles and Star cards for both sides
  • 2 weeks early access to the expansion drops.

EA has not revealed what other planets they will explore in the Star Wars universe, what heroes and villains are going to be added or what new weapons and vehicles will be added in.

So do you think the Battlefront season pass will be worth the money in the end? Once all the DLC drops are finished the game will have 28 multiplayer maps to choose from and 13 game modes to play. Will you be OK with giving EA another $50/£40 to get all the extra content or is the base game all you need to have a fun time with Battlefront? Let us know in the comments below.


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Published Nov. 15th 2015
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    At least they are detailing what will be included with this pass.
    However, there is no reason this could not have been in the base game. The Witcher 3 just launched a massive expansion which costs only $10. EA is charging a ridiculous amount for a pathetic amount of content.
  • topher339
    Ha. No. All of that should be included in the base game. Cancelling my pre-order as of this reading, in fact...
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    No. Why? Because if a game like Splatoon can launch with similar amounts of base content, then do this all for free, I don't think EA has any right in charging me $80 CAD for the game, and another $80 for a season pass. The game barely has enough content to release on to begin with, so there's no way in hell I'd pay for both. Honestly, it's a ripoff, and anyone who buys this is just supporting it for the sake of bandwagoning nostalgia.

    RR-sama out!
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    No, because this is all content that should be in the game to begin with. I'm not even talking form a moral high-ground standpoint -- the game just seriously needs more content to be worth the asking price. Titanfall had more on offer at launch than Battlefront, and suffered, so it's only going to be worse here.

    The EA Access trial has actually backfired and revealed just how little heart the game has, and how limited the initial launch will be. You can see everything the game has to offer in ten hours, and for a multiplayer-focused game, that's really not ideal. Sure there's some more unlocks to be found, but the limited map selection and unimaginative game types aren't doing it any favors.

    What particularly hurts is that the training missions show what could have been a great single-player. There are glimpses, GLIMMERS of what could be an amazing Star Wars: Battlefront campaign. Instead, all we get are some one-off missions, and some of the worst offline support since Battlefield 3's single-player and co-op modes.

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