Guild Wars Shows No Sign of Stopping

For an oldie but goodie, Guild Wars is a great option with a strong community.

First released in 2005, Guild Wars is still alive and kicking according to Mike Zadorojny, lead content designer. Despite the launch of the sequel, Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet recognizes the still strong community thriving there.

Zadorojny remarks that it is possible for the original Guild Wars to keep running indefinitely due to their automated support features. With his interview with Eurogamer, Zadorojny says that “the game itself could last forever, even without anybody really touching it.”

While there may not be any new content being pushed out for Guild Wars, there is a team available to help out in the event of huge bugs or issues occurring. Zadorojny also mentions that the server resources required for Guild Wars “run on a fraction of the hardware that [they] need for running GW2,” so running Guild Wars in the background will never pose a problem.

Even with Guild Wars 2’s massive popularity, many players’ loyalties lie with the original. For those with less powerful computers that may not handle current MMO’s very well (*cough* myself included *cough*), Guild Wars has relevant aspects many can appreciate, such as the diversity of classes and environments between acts. There’s a free trial and the Guild Wars Trilogy is available on Steam for $29.99 if you’re looking for a classic MMO. 


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Published Jul. 16th 2013

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