GTA Online Launched And Then Down

GTA Online, on the backs of phenomenal sales for GTA V, is going to be a rocky launch so don't get too excited until things stabilize.

As the east coast wakes up this morning the growing pains for Grand Theft Auto Online are evident. Grand Theft Auto V smashed sales expectations and Rockstar has stated they are have been adding more servers in the run up to launch. However, for anyone who has been part of an MMO, or any large scale online game, launch we know that it is nearly impossible to anticipate, plan for, and ultimately handle the initial onslaught of a popular online title like GTA Online.

While you wait for access to the social club site, which is currently down (and then up, and then down), you can read info on how to get access to GTA Online (hint: you'll get a download prompt, then access GTA Online via that until know completely out of place fourth slot in your character selector wheel), when GTA Online takes place (hint: before GTA V events), some info on inviting other thugs over to your house (they can't steal your stuff and no shooting allowed, bummer) and some info on why you can't pay to win in GTA Online via GTA 4 (I'm calling this one suspect until we see it in action).

So, enjoy the launch day if things stabilize, and we'll have some gameplay soon!

Published Oct. 1st 2013

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