Era of Celestials Launches Divine Design Contest

Era of Celestials has started a new competition in search of its next Celestial design.

Era of Celestials is an MMOARPG developed by YOOZOO Interactive and GTarcade. Currently, there are six Celestials in the game, each with their own unique backstory. Looking to add another Celestial to the mix, YOOZOO has launched a design contest. 

Looking for creative, unique takes on character design, participants have until May 22 to enter. Those who are interested can enter here.

Once all submissions are reviewed, YOOZOO will select the Top 10 designs from the pack. Those in the Top 10 will be rewarded with 200 Rubies as well as their choice of Celestial from Elysian Lunaris, Elysian Justicia, Elysian Abraxas, and Elysian Venoris.

Players will be able to vote for their favorite of the Top 10 entries between May 24 and May 29. The top design will be released in the game and immortalized in the world of Era of Celestials.

Along with bragging rights from their new special title, the winner will receive 200 diamonds. Rewards will be given out on May 31.

Set in Celestial City, Era of Celestials puts players as the chosen of the Celestials, great beings of massive power. Fighting to defend Celestial City, players embark on the Path of the Vanquisher.

Featuring three character classes, player versus player battles with epic angel transformations, sprite sidekicks, and more, Era of Celestials is an engaging mobile MMOARPG.

This is your chance to get your creation recognized worldwide. Check out Era of Celestials forums and website for inspiration. 


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Published May. 20th 2019

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