EVE Online: Rubicon Definitely Delivers the Best Spaceship Trailer You Will See Today

Rubicon Trailer establishes EVE Online's point of no return and looks pretty fine in the process.

CCP Games always delivers a good video, and the Rubicon expansion trailer is no exception.

Laying out the groundwork for the pirate factions of New Eden to turn up the heat on the established order and give the the law-abiding empires an interstellar headache, we see the Angel Cartel defending a mysterious "Ghost Site" from interloping capsuleers.

At the centre of the action are the new Sisters of EVE exploration ships, which are designed to enable the location and exploitation of these mysterious new sites; but as the video shows, there are certain hazards, including a violent response from the defending faction and an unfortunate outcome to slow or failed hacking attempts.

We see the return of a pair of familiar faces--from the ever beleaguered CONCORD official, to the intrepid shaven-headed capsuleer, both of whom have featured in a number of previous videos.

EVE Online: Rubicon is a free expansion to the subscription-based MMO EVE Online and  launches on November 19.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017
  • Alskari
    Great looking video and most notably to me, everything seen is based off actual gameplay. Extremely visually embellished, but existing (or immediately available when the expansion hits) gameplay. This is an improvement from some of the previous trailers where we see concepts that are still not implemented.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    It is a visual feast, isn't it? Although there is some heated community debate about the portrayal of capsuleers walking around in their ships, rather than encapsulated in amniotic fluid-filled chambers and with spinal attachments imbuing them with direct ship control, as described in the lore.

    Blogger Drackarn found a quote in the official EVElopedia which seems to have settled it though:

    "A cross-capsule variant is considered to be any starship equipped with an internal pod gantry, thus allowing the pilot to be extracted from the capsule and move throughout the vessel."

    [ https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Cross-capsule_variant ]
  • Alskari
    Well I'm not a lore guy, but that is an interesting point. My main thought was back to the Origins trailer where a ground based weapon shoots a thanatos.

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