Xbox One backwards compatibility will cover Burnout Paradise

The Xbox 360 game will soon be playable on the Xbox One - but no one knows how soon.

Burnout Paradise developer Criterion Games recently confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of the title will be playable on the Xbox One. The Xbox One's upcoming backward compatibility service will cover the racing title, but nobody has said exactly when it will be available.

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility will launch sometime after the console's new Windows 10 desktop arrives in November, and it will make more than 100 games playable on the console. Because Burnout Paradise will be running on an emulated Xbox 360 system it will be able to support DLC, cloud saves, and multiplayer.

Users in the Xbox One preview program are already able to try many other titles that will be playable through the emulated system.

Burnout Paradise was first released back in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and on PC the next year. The game takes place in the open-world Paradise City, where players can compete in various types of races. Additional racing modes were available via online multiplayer, and DLC included a new area, Big Surf Island. It got good reviews from critics, but Burnout Paradise was the last major Burnout game that was released.

So, are you excited that Burnout Paradise will soon be playable on Xbox One? Would you like to see a new title in the series? Let us know in the comments!

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Published Oct. 27th 2015

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