Kindess Has Its Perks: Wausau Boy Receives Gift From Nintendo

A Wisconsin boy who donated his Wii to the Wausau Police Department gets a big surprise from Nintendo.

A Wisconsin boy has a new Nintendo Switch because of his selfless actions following a tragedy involving a local police department. 

The story of Brady Duke has warmed many hearts recently. Duke, 7, donated his Wii gaming console to the Wausau Police Department in Wausau, Wisconsin, when he heard the department had recently lost a colleague.

The event in question happened on March 22, when during a domestic disturbance call in the Wausau area. Detective Joseph Weiland was killed, as well as three others, when a man opened fire in the city's south metro area.

Learning the officers were grieving, Brady donated his Wii to the department. He even stuck around and played games with the officers to cheer them up.

This news spread like wildfire, quickly gathering traction on Facebook and catching the attention of Nintendo. Upon hearing the story, the company decided to do something special in commemoration of Brady's act of kindness. Nintendo reached out to Chief Hardel of the Wausau Police Department and arranged for Brady to receive a new Nintendo Switch to replace the Wii he had given away. Several officers and Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy delivered the Switch to Duke on April 11. 


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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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