Bugsnax Gameplay Trailer is a Tasty Appetizer

We finally get to see some Bugsnax gameplay, and it looks like there's quite a bit to do on the island other than singing catchy theme songs.

Bugsnax was a surprise announcement during the PlayStation 5 future of gaming event back in June, and the August PlayStation State of Play finally gave us a taste of some scrumptious Bugsnax gameplay.

You play as a journalist following up on a pitch reel — only you're not supposed to. Your boss, Clumby Clumbernut, says it'll cost you your career if you go to the island, so of course, you go to investigate because there wouldn't be a game otherwise.

And that means getting to know all the weird and wonderful residents of the island as you try to uncover the truth behind the supposed Bugsnax. It's soon pretty clear that the island isn't just a con scheme like Clumbernut claims.

All of the residents have some kind of task for you to complete, and they all revolve around Bugsnax. One needs your help using ketchup to wrangle a herd of burger Bugsnax, while other tasks you with deducing their favorite Bugsnax.

There's more to it than just helping randos on an island. As you catch more Bugsnax and solve folks' problems, they gradually come together to start building — or rebuilding, as one inhabitant tells you — the island's community.

More importantly, you'll unlock clues about the disappearance of Elizabert Megafig, the announcer in the original Bugsnax reel. Each Grumpus (island inhabitant) has a part of the story, but won't consent to interviews unless you feed them their favorite Bugsnax.

It's not all fun and games, though, as the trailer also shows a very large and very loud Bugsnax creature flying overhead one dark and stormy night. 

Hopefully, this isn't the only Bugsnax gameplay we'll get to savor between now and the game's Holiday 2020 launch as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Bugsnax news as it develops.


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Published Aug. 6th 2020

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