Is EverQuest Next Coming To Playstation 4?

Sony Online Entertainment's president, John Smedley, teases EQNext for PS4.

All that's been officially announced is that EverQuest Next will be on the PC. Back in August, that was the team's primary focus, according to producer David Georgeson. That's great since I have a computer specifically built to play high-end MMOs.

However, Sony Online Entertainment's president, John Smedley, recently said that he had hope for the PS4 in EverQuest Next's future.

"We haven't announced, technically, that we're putting it on PlayStation 4, but it's fair to say that we're a Sony company so, you know, I say that with a smile on my face," Smedley told GamerHub TV (via CVG). "I can't wait to see it on the PS4."

Whether we're truly going to see a PS4 release of EQNext remains to be seen. As it stands, you can currently download SOE's DC Universe Online for free on the Playstation 4. Planetside 2 has also been confirmed for a 2014 port to the PS4. With two of SOE's more recent MMOs coming to the PS4, it looks like it's only a matter of time before EQNext is confirmed.

Do you want to see EQNext on the PS4? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

Published Nov. 18th 2013
  • MrFester
    I honestly don't think it will be viable right now, but maybe based on some Tweets from John S. Personally, I think it would be a huge pain in the ass and very slow to craft stuff on the console with a controller. Now if they enable mouse and keyboard support, which they can do, then it might be possible.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I'm actually playing SOE's first PS4 MMO, DC Universe Online atm. So far controls feel more like a basic singleplayer RPG atm. If they can optimize the EQNext controls based on basic DC Universe concept but fit them in the EQNext system it shouldn't be to bad.

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