Disney Pulls Star Wars Games From Mobile Stores With No Notice

Disney pulls two Star Wars games from app stores with no notice.

In a weird change of events, Disney has pulled two games from Apple's and Google's app stores. With no notice to anyone, even developer NimleBit, Disney had both Star Wars Assault Team and Tiny Death Star pulled from all mobile app stores. At first Disney failed to provide anyone with reason as to why these games were taken down, but according to a source on Gamezebo, Disney pulled these applications to focus on future games. One of these games is Star Wars Commander, which reflects the style of Clash of Clans by creating, assaulting, and defending bases as the main goals.

This news is very disconcerting to gamers, as it means that Disney has no issue pulling games without notice, even if you have money invested in them through in-app purchases. This means that we will no longer see future updates to these titles and they will slowly disappear into obscurity. How can the people trust a company enough to give them money for a game, when everyone knows that they can pull support for a game at any moment? We can only hope that Disney doesn’t make this a normal part of business.

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Published Oct. 6th 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Wow just when I was planning to give Star Wars Assault Team a try.......why would you pull a game when you've already released it though? Were these games doing so badly that they had to be pulled off immediately?

    These two games for some reason are still on the Windows Phone store *goes to download on his Lumia 720*

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