Fantasy Life Sequel Coming Exclusively to Smartphones

Level-5 is planning to release Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God to smartphones instead of the Nintendo 3DS

Fans of Fantasy Life, the wait for the sequel is nearly over. Level-5 has announced at their Vision 2015 event that a sequel is in the works. All the aspects from the original game will be available in the sequel, plus a bit extra. The sequel, dubbed Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and The Village of God will have a few more features, like exploring different jobs.

Many of the game's features will be present in the sequel, such as the 12 Life classes. There is a also new mode that requires players to increase the population of the village by attracting more people. 

Level-5 has decided that the sequel will be available exclusively for smartphone devices, and will be released to the App Store and Google Play instead of the Nintendo 3DS.

Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and The Village of God is anticipated to be released sometime this year in Japan. There is no news of a Western release at this time.


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Published Apr. 12th 2015
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    The first game was a HUGE hit in Japan, it makes sense they'd make the sequel on mobile devices considering the large install base over the 3DS. Ninty and Level-5 know what's up.
  • Shatai Melvin
    I haven't played the first game but I may will since its heading to smartphones.

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