TowerFall Ascension Jumps on PS4 and Steam March 11

TowerFall Ascension is hitting PS4 and Steam on March 11, and includes new arenas, power-ups, and more.

TowerFall, one of the Ouya’s most successful exclusives, is hitting Playstation 4 and Steam on March 11. Dubbed TowerFall Ascension, the updated version will feature a ton of new content, according to developer Matt Thorson.

TowerFall was originally released for the Ouya in June 2013, and was met with extremely positive reviews. The super-pixilated indie is a self-described “archery combat platformer” for up to four players, and at its core is a competitive party game in the vein of Super Smash Bros. or Samurai Gunn. The game emphasizes fast and frantic fights, as players shoot arrows at each other while hopping around the 2D platformer arenas, which are riddled with traps and treasure.

TowerFall Ascension takes the original game and adds a ton of new content, including 50 new versus arenas, “a bunch of new variants to customize your matches with,” and some new power-ups. Though it’s still a multiplayer party game at its core, Ascension also includes a one or two player Quest-Mode.

“It’s an arena mode where monsters spawn from portals as you defend yourself using the same skills you’ve honed in Versus mode,” Thorson explained. “Quest mode is an interesting new take on the same core mechanics, and adds a bunch of new content to explore even when you don’t have three friends around.”

TowerFall Ascension is arriving on PS4 and Steam on March 11th only in North America, but according to Thorson a European release “shouldn’t be far behind.” The price of the game was not addressed in the post on the Playstation Blog.

Interested parties can check out the recently released PS4 co-op gameplay video posted below.


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Published Feb. 20th 2014
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    SO EXCITED. This is my favorite OUYA game, and I've been super pumped that it's coming to PS4.

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