Core Keeper: How To Spawn the Seasonal Merchant

Here's how to spawn the Seasonal Merchant in Core Keeper to get your hands on festive goodies around holidays.

The Seasonal Merchant in Core Keeper lets you get items styled around different special events or days, such as Valentine's Day. As with the other NPCs you can invite to your settlement, you'll have to do some prep work to get him to move in. Here's how to spawn the Seasonal Merchant for those festive buys in Core Keeper.

There are currently five NPC merchants in Core Keeper:

  • Bearded Merchant
  • Caveling Merchant
  • Fishing Merchant
  • Spirit Merchant
  • Seasonal Merchant

All but the Spirit Merchant can be found around the world, but you can get them to move in by making a house for them. Once you’ve got a habitable house for the Seasonal Merchant to move in, you need to place a Seasonal Calendar.

How to Get a Seasonal Calendar

It's not the most obvious item to craft, that's for sure. The Seasonal Calendar can be crafted at the Carpenter's Table using the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Fiber

Once you place the calendar on a wall in the room you want the Seasonal Merchant to move into, wander away from your base and come back to find him in his rightful place.

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Published Mar. 15th 2023

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