Mazecraft definitely isn't Minecraft as you design mazes to stump your friends

As you defeat enemies in the game, they explode! Mazecraft allows you create your very own mazes.

Watch rabbits explode and take down minotaurs, that's basically Mazecraft!

Releasing today on the app store, this brand new app allows you to take on user-created levels in addition to the ones already built in. The game was developed by Hyper Liger, an indie games company.

Mazecraft is the third game developed by Hyper Liger and unlike the other two, this one gives the player a little more control of it. In the game, you can create mazes that you can share with other users as well as unlock rewards like custom avatar parts, items and other nice features.

Previously Hyper Liger created two unique games titled Ticklefluff and Robotfish, a game about keeping a little furry pet happy for as long as you can by tickling it and a game in which you guide a robotfish through various mazes respectively.

After playing the game myself, it's definietely nothing like Minecraft and it's free, now available on the App Store.


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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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