Audiosurf 2 Making Way to Steam Early Access in September

You ready to play your music? I know I am.

Audiosurf stands as one of the best-known rhythm games for the PC. Those of you who have spent countless hours with the game know just how close the game makes you feel to the music, which is perhaps its strongest feature.

Audiosurf 2's announcement earlier this year, under the name Audiosurf Air at the time, came out of left field and left fans wanting to know more. We don't have more information on the title just yet, but we do know one thing: it's coming to Steam Early Access next month.

The official site has been updated with new screenshots and the following text:

Audiosurf 2: Ride your music. Sprint your music. Swim your music. Workshop your music.

Coming September 2013 to Steam Early Access.

What is most interesting here is the mention of swimming, which is very far from the standard ship riding seen in the first game. With Audiosurf 2's closer camera angle, I can only imagine swimming will be amazing.

Need a reminder of the game's reveal earlier this year? Check out the below gameplay trailer and prepare to get hyped. September can't get here soon enough!

Published Aug. 16th 2013
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    Ahh so will it have Workshop support, for maybe replays? Maybe track uploads or something? Maybe allows you to discover some new artists. Maybe...custom 'games' something like that, I don't know...but I am interested to see what it will offer! Will definitely get it!

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