Pokken Tournament Guide: Garchomp Basics and Combos

Learn how to use the land shark, Garchomp with this guide!

The land shark dragon, Garchomp, is brutal in Pokken Tournament. Even though he's a Power type, he isn't that slow and has good mobility moves.

He can Dig to avoid attack and come up with one of his own. Not only that, but he can dash and attack. If you want some speed with your Power, Garchomp is for you. Please visit my Pokken Tournament Beginner Tips and Tricks for other tips and fighter guides.

This guide will go over everything about Garchomp in Pokken Tournament including:

  • Garchomp Basics - How he plays, strengths, and weakness. Also, good support and cheer skills to use with this Pokemon.
  • Garchomp Combos - Example combos you can use.

Garchomp Basics

Let me start by saying, Dig is your friend. This Forward+A move is very versatile and can get you out of many tough situations. Opponent going to attack, Dig and cancel into a block or counter. They are going for a grab? Dig and attack them.

Opponent blocking? Dig anyway -- you would be surprised how many people drop their block once you use Dig. You can also jump out of Dig to start a combo from mid-air, my favorite method of combos with Garchomp.

In field phase, Garchomp has a surprising number of attacks you can land easily. His side+Y attack throws a curving attack that goes out then comes in, surprising many opponents into getting hit.

His mid-air Y attack also can be charged to send out a whirlwind that goes behind the opponent and pushes them towards you.

He is also has an extra grab Down+A that can be charged. Back+A is also a counter attack, you have a few options.

His Synergy Burst is interesting. It can counter attack pierce, but if the opponent blocks, the attack doesn't stop. Instead it will keep attacking and eventually break the block.

It does not initiate the cut scene for extra damage if this happens, which does the most damage. You also lose health if you don't connect with the Burst attack.

Pokken Tournament Garchomp Synergy Burst

To give you another incentive to play as Garchomp, he has a whopping 660 HP. This certainly helps at surviving attacks that would defeat most of the other fighters.

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill

I like Cubone and Diglett for setting combos up. Dragonite and Victini is also pretty good. I like Victini because he causes all attacks to become critical hits.

Reshiram and Cresselia are always good choices for the Healing and Synergy Gauge recovery Cresselia gives. Check out the How to All Unlock Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills guide for more details.

For Cheer Skills, Synergy and Pressure Focused are great for keeping the Synergy Gauge up at crucial times. Support Focused is best used when using support Pokemon like Victini or others that charge slowly.

Garchomp Combos

Below are a few examples of combos you can do with Garchomp.

  • X, Forward+Y,Y
    • This a good and easy combo to use. X makes Garchomp launch forward to cover a good distance and it knocks the opponent in the air.
    • You can also do a standard Y,Y,Y,Y combo or some other variations after the initial hit.
  • Mid-air X, Y,Y,Y, cancel with Forward+A
    • I love this one. You use X while in the air, then start the Y combo after the first hit.
    • Press Forward+A after the 3rd Y to immediately go into a Dig attack to finish.
  • Mid-air A, Back+Y, Y,Y,Y,Y
    • This starts with an Earthquake while in the air to knock the opponent into the air.
    • Back+Y keeps them in the air with another attack and you can finish with the standard Y combo.

That's it for my Garchomp guide for Pokken Tournament. Let me know if you have any questions are tips of your own.

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Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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