14 things you probably didn't know about Final Fantasy VII

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Eighteen years ago, Final Fantasy VII brought gamers on an unparalleled multi-disc journey. State of the art graphics showcased three-dimensional capabilities, memorable character arcs nestled in fan's hearts, and hundreds of hours flew by in front of television screens and PlayStation consoles. Fans still squeal in delight at the very sight of Cloud, eagerly embracing all FFVII news, whether it be his Smash Bros. appearance, a revamped game port to newer hardware, and/or a complete title remake. (Don't deny the squeals, own them. Wear your love loud and proud, my friends.)

In the midst of recent excitement and series updates, fans can still find fresh information of FFVII outside of big news announcements. To prove this point, I've gathered trivia about the original PlayStation release in 1997. Revisit the past for nostalgia feels and obscure knowledge. It may just hold you over between title releases.

Published Dec. 10th 2015

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