GTA V meets The Walking Dead

Steven Ogg, a.k.a. Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, has become a vital player in The Walking Dead.

When your favorite character literally comes to life on your favorite TV show, you have a great excuse to keep watching. 

Steven Ogg, the voice actor for Trevor Phillips off of Grand Theft Auto V, has come to be in full form on the popular TV series The Walking Dead!

He has been introduced to us as a part of the Saviors, lead by a man named Negan. They are a group of very hostile extortionists who also deal in murder in order to continuously gain supplies from surrounding surviving communities. 

GTA V's Trevor fits the bill for this group perfectly, seeing as he is a crazy and violent main character in GTA -- not to mention, he is practically indestructible. Wikipedia describes his motivations as driven by "desire and resentment," and he displays instances of psychotic behavior. 

Given the resemblance and the fact that a zombie infestation doesn't usually lead to someone's character being sane, we are expecting more than just a visual crossover of this character. Not only are Twitter fans calling out to Saul and other GTA V characters, but they are blowing up with excitement and more crossover theories. 


For now though, we can be happy with this unexpected crossover and hope we can expect a bit of the actor's popular character to shine through, despite the drastic change in location and apocalyptic situation. 


Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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