Golf With Your Friends Adds New Map

The popular online game Golf With Your Friends has added a new map.

According to a community post from Blacklight Interactive on Steam, the company has added a new map, called "Twilight," to the early access game Golf With Your Friends. 

“Twilight” is the third level of Golf, a popular multiplayer game, and despite developers' release of the game to the public, it remains unfinished in terms of minor glitches and some remaining lighting issues that the design team is still working to fix. This update shared an intention to “start work on adding graphical settings and optimizations, fixing ongoing bugs and cleaning up this level.” 

Along with the addition of the “Twilight” map, developers have made several other changes, including the fixing of the glitch where balls get stuck in corner mesh, the slow ball glitch, and the addition of a player list, a feature which the developers will reportedly add more options to in the future.

Blacklight Interactive has said that its next level/theme will be “haunted mansion.” For more details on the recent updates to the game and future changes, go to the official steam community page


Published Jun. 5th 2016

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