20th EverQuest Expansion, Call of the Forsaken, Announced

The 20th EverQuest expansion has been announced.

SOE producer Thom Terrazas took the stage at the SOE Live keynote tonight to announce the 20th expansion for the long running EverQuest game.

The new expansion, titled Call of the Forsaken, will revolve around a potentially cataclysmic event hitting the game world. An ancient and powerful dragon has been released, yet players do not know whether or not she is a friend or a foe.

Terrazas says the expansion will go into beta in late August, and an expected launch is set for September. Terrazas also said the content for the next year will revolve around the Forsaken storyline.

During the presentation, Terrazas also said that they will introduce zones that have been mentioned in EQ lore forever, but never seen; one example being the Dead Hills.

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Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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