Street Fighter 2 Mini Arcade Cab Announced By New Wave Toys

New Wave Toys reveals the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition X RepliCade, a limited edition mini arcade cabinet that features two Street Fighter titles.

While some fighting game fanatics may have their eyes fixed on one of the many new titles scheduled for release this year, including Jump Force, Mortal Kombat 11, and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, others may prefer to stick with the classics, like Street Fighter 2. Fortunately for those players, a recent announcement by New Wave Toys confirms the company is set to release a new way for fans to play two fighting games of yore.

Specifically, the company has indicated that it is currently accepting pre-orders for its Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition X RepliCade, a "limited edition 12-inch tall, fully-playable replica of the original arcade machine in 1/6-scale, officially licensed by Capcom."

This mini arcade cabinet will give players access to both Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

With the RepliCade, SF fans can play these titles solo, or they can test their skills against friends in two-player combat. Two USB Mini Fight Sticks are included with the cabinet, but players can opt to use a modern USB controller as their weapon of choice if they prefer.

The Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition X RepliCade features a 3.5" flat LCD color screen and "amplified-stereo audio reproduction." The cabinet itself is wood construction, and it is wrapped in high-resolution art printed on 3M vinyl material.

Retail for the cabinet is $119.99, however, players that pre-order during the month of February can expect to pay a discounted rate of $99.99. Pre-orders are available through New Wave Toys' website, and it is expected that the product will ship in the Summer.

Last month, My Arcade unveiled its own new line of retro mini cabinets, offering fans the opportunity to add versions of Bubble BobbleMs. Pacman, and more to their collections. With New Wave Toys' announcement following suit, it is clear that a number of companies have sights set on vintage gaming.

Indeed, following the success of the NES and SNES Classics, it is unsurprising that this would be the case. However, these products take a decidedly different approach than Nintendo's, offering luxury items to serious collectors.

More details on the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition X RepliCade can be found on New Wave Toys' website.


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Published Feb. 2nd 2019

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