Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide: Sequences 4-6 with tips and tricks

Follow our guide on Assassin's Creed Syndicate to successfully beat Sequences 4-6 of the game's main story.

After finishing Sequence 3, you will get access to the unlocked Assassination Map in your train. Now, we can move on to Sequences 4-6 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate main story. If you’re wondering where the first 3 are – just click here.

As you access the Map, you still have to follow the order of the Sequences, meaning you can’t activate Sequence 5 or 6 before finishing 4, but you can play the missions within each Sequence in no particular order. This guide will help you go through the missions in the way they were intended.

Sequence 4: A Quick and Reliable Remedy

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 4Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 4

A short cutscene introduces Ned Wynert, an American transgender thief living in London, who offers his assistance to Jacob and Evie. The siblings also decide to pursue different goals: Evie wants to find the Piece of Eden, and Jacob desires to assassinate Templars.

Mission 1: A Spoonful of Syrup

  • Jacob heads out to investigate the source of the Soothing Syrup, a new type of drug. You need to get to the Docks and interrogate the Merchant. He will uncover the Thug’s location, a drug’s distributor. Get to the target and steal information from him. Then, head towards a marked location, a fighting club, kidnap the main distributor and interrogate him to finish the mission.

Mission 2: Unnatural Selection

  • Another cutscene starts showing Jacob tracing the location of the Distillery where the drug is being produced. He notices a man sneaking inside the building and follows him. As the mission starts, kill the guards and enter the Distillery to interrogate the man, who simply calls himself a Gentleman. He will help you sabotage the valves. When the gas gets depressurized, go upstairs and quickly kill everybody.
  • To finish the mission, escape from the Distillery and continue the conversation with the Gentleman, who finally uncovers his true identity – Charles Darwin, an English naturalist and geologist, creator of the Theory of Evolution.

Mission 3: Playing it by Ear

  • Evie needs to uncover the location of Piece of Eden, so she asks Jacob to help her steal the notebook of Miss Thorne, which you can obtain by accomplishing a side-mission – The Crate Escape. As you uncover the secrets of the notebook, Evie and Henry Green decide to infiltrate the Kenway Mansion. There you will find the room with the piano.
  • Check the upper wall behind you to uncover the order of the keynotes you need to activate using the piano. This will open the hidden room where you will find the key to the Piece of Eden. But, you will be spotted and trapped inside the room. Find the big wheel on the wall and turn it around to uncover the escape route.

Mission 4: Cable News

  • In the new cutscene, Alexander Graham Bell asks Jacob and Evie to “unseize” the crew and the cargo with cables. He also shares a new type of hallucinogenic darts with them. The mission is simple: just head to the location and beat a bunch of Blighters.  Free the seized crew and head towards the ship to uncover the crate, which is actually a poisonous trap. Head back to Mr. Bell’s shop to watch another cutscene.

Mission 5: On the Origin of Syrup

  • Your task here is to capture Sir Richard Owen, an English biologist, who knows the true source of the Soothing Syrup drug. Chase his carriage and interrogate him to learn all that you need.

Mission 6: Overdose

  • In the new cutscene Jacob shares his knowledge with Charles Darwin about the man behind the drug - John Elliotson, a renowned doctor. Then, locate the Asylum and assassinate Mr. Elliotson. You can also accomplish a few side-missions involving a young doctor and the nurse. After you finish your tasks escape the Asylum.

Other Sequence 4 tips and tricks:

  • Assassinate all possible targets and loot them.
  • Discover all the memorabilia collection.

Sequence 5: The Perils of Business

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 5Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 5

The opening Sequence 5 cutscene shows Crawford Starrick, the Templars’ Grand Master, learning about the murder of Elliotson. We also get introduced to a new character - Pearl Attaway, a former Templar, the owner of Attaway Transport Company, Starrick’s main competitor and… a cousin.

Mission 1: Friendly Competition

  • You begin by making a deal of partnership with Ms. Attaway, and in order to gain her trust, she gives you a task to destroy the Millner’s Storage Yard, Millner’s and Starrick’s omnibus business. For this mission, you need the help of your Rooks. Beat every enemy on your way, push the cart with explosives onto the Yard with omnibuses and ignite the explosives.

Mission 2: Research And Development

  • In another cutscene Pearl Attaway tasks Jacob to locate and steal a set of internal combustion engines from the train belonging to the Millner Company. You realize that you need Ned Wynert, your newly acquired partner in crime, in order to accomplish this difficult task. The problem is that she is being kept by the Police, so first you need to rescue her.
  • Then, head towards the marked train location, get rid of all the enemies and protect Ned Wynert, while she transfers the crates from one train to another.

Mission 3: Survival of The Fittest

  • Now, Ms. Attaway will ask you to assassinate Millner himself. First, you need to destroy crates with Millner’s contraband. Again, you need to use explosives for this mission with the help of crates with dynamite. Then, you can move on to the marked location and finish Millner, who tells you about the Starrick’s and Attaway’s kinship.

Mission 4: Breaking News

  • After the shocking reveal about Ms. Attaway, Jacob returns to Graham Bell’s shop, who has a new “toy” to play with – Voltaic Bomb. He then tasks Jacob and Evie to use the bombs on thugs who threaten Bell’s life. When you’re done, escort Mr. Bell to the Telegraph station and destroy the transmitters.

Mission 5: The Lady with the Lamp

  • This time Evie decides to visit Clara, a young girl providing intelligence for her and Jacob. Evie finds the girl in a very bad state, but soon meets Florence Nightingale, an English social reformer and nurse. Ms. Nightingale tasks Evie to get the medicine for Clara as soon as possible.
  • This mission has a time limit of 8 minutes only, so be quick. First, you need to locate the peddler and steal a potion from him. Then, find the pharmacist and protect him from the thugs. And finally, chase the carriage with supplies and bring it back to Ms. Nightingale.

Mission 6: A Room with a View

  • A cutscene shows Jacob wanting to help Evie find the Shrouds of Eden, pieces of cloth capable of restoration and healing. But Evie says she wants to do this alone, and the mission starts. Locate the monument and use the Rooks to distract policemen hanging around. When you see the opportunity, set up one of the slates at the base of the monument. Then, get on top of it and set up another one.
  • After this, you will be able to locate St. Paul’s Cathedral where a puzzle to solve is awaiting for you. It will give you the location of the Vault, to which you have the key stolen previously from the Kenway’s basement. But, suddenly Ms. Thorne appears and demands the key back, so you need to fight her. However, she still manages to escape with the key.

Mission 7: End of the Line

  • Jacob learns that Starrick’s train will arrive at Waterloo station, so he needs to be there in order to assassinate Pearl Attaway. First, you need to steal the train schedule from the Conductor. Then, reschedule the train to arrive at the Central Station instead, in order to have an opportunity to assassinate Ms. Attaway.
  • Head to the location and use one of the opportunities to finish your task. As you do this, you will see a cutscene where Ms. Thorne informs Starrick about the events.

Other Sequence 5 tips and tricks:

  • Use Voltaic Bombs and Hallucinogenic Darts to easily get rid of thugs.
  • Perform a Leap of Faith while on a zipline.

Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 6Assassin's Creed Syndicate Guide Sequence 6

In the beginning of Sequence 6 Evie informs Henry green about her plans to assassinate Lucy Thorne, return the stolen key and get to the Tower of London to finally retrieve the Shrouds of Eden. Henry Green agrees to help her.

Mission 1: A Thorne in the Side

  • Get to the vantage point and locate the Tower of London. Head there, talk to the Allied Guard and assassinate three Templars. The Guard will help you get to Ms. Thorne, and you will have an excellent opportunity to finally assassinate her.

Mission 2: A Case of Identity

  • Meanwhile, Jacob discovers another person involved with Starrick – Plutus, a banker. In order to find Plutus, Jacob needs to locate and interrogate Mr. Dredge. This is a simple task where you need to kidnap him and the cutscene starts in which Dredge, a disguised policeman, tells you about the upcoming robbery of the bank of England planned by Plutus, which is an excellent opportunity for you to get closer to him.

Mission 3: A Spot of Tea

  • In order to get to Plutus you need to locate the smuggled crates with weapons, which will be used in the robbery. Get to the departure point where the crates are located and spot the one you need to trace. Then, just follow it to its final destination and watch a cutscene. Now, Jacob needs to prevent the robbery and assassinate Plutus, whose real identity is Philip Twopenny.

Mission 4: One Good Deed

  • Evie visits the Southwark borough to inspect the situation after the assassination of Ms. Attaway. She learns that Edward Hodson Bayley, an omnibus manufacturer, was kidnapped by Starrick’s thugs after he refused to work for Starrick’s company.
  • Evie needs to protect him by stealing the cart with Bayley from the thugs. In the following cutscene Jacob tells Evie that they need to enter the omnibus business and for that purpose they need to locate and steal the Deed.

Mission 5: A Bad Penny

  • Mr. Abberline, the policeman, gives Jacob information on the Bank of England robbery. First, you need to find the vault, and then kidnap the Head of Security. Now, Jacob will have a clear chance to assassinate Twopenny. The final cutscene shows Starrick ordering the halls of Parliament to govern freely, again.

Other Sequence 6 tips and tricks:

  • Stay as stealthy as possible.
  • Don’t kill the policemen; use Rooks instead to distract them.

At this point, the story of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is getting closer to its finish. Will Jacob and Evie conquer London? Will they assassinate Crawford Starrick? Learn all this and other details of the game’s main story in the upcoming guide on the final Sequences 7-9.


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Published Nov. 5th 2015

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