Survive the Alaskan Wilderness in The Wild Eight now on Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight

Can you survive the snowy wilderness with 7 other players after a terrible plane crash? What if one was a traitor?

In the procedurally generated world of The Wild Eight, the story follows eight individuals who have survived a plane crash. Stranded in the snowy wastes of an the Alaskan frontier, they must find food, build shelter, and survive the wilderness without dying from hypothermia.

To make things worse, there is a traitor among the survivors...

A realistic weather system and fierce wildlife make the environment in The Wild Eight merciless. Players must craft, hunt, forge, build, and learn new skills to stay alive, as dehydration and starvation are inevitable outcomes. Keeping track of weather and sun patterns can mean avoiding death by blizzard or the creatures of the night.

Players can co-op with up to seven friends to explore the snowy wastelands, following clues to the hidden truths of a mysterious forgotten civilization hidden from the world until now.

All the characters in The Wild Eight have their own weaknesses and strengths, including chemistry, attack, leadership, and engineering. It is up to players to combine skills to ensure their survival against, wolves, bears, and creatures of the night.

If fully funded, The Wild Eight will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux in late 2016/early 2017, followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Kickstarter will support the hiring of full-time developers (needed to speed up production) and strategic outsourcing of sound design and quality assurance. With a funding goal of $50,000, the crowdfunding campaign is set to end on Friday, May 13, 2016.

Check out The Wild Eight Kickstarter here. Check out The Wild Eight Steam Greenlight here.


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Published Apr. 7th 2016

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