The Forest Coming to Steam Early Access, New Screenshots Revealed

Developer Endnight Games is planning to bring The Forest to Steam Early Access. They've released screenshots to build excitement.

Developer Endnight Games has announced today that they intend to release their survival-horror title The Forest via Steam’s Early Access program. The studio is currently working on getting a playable early alpha ready for said release. To help boost excitement for the upcoming game, Endnight has sent out a series of new screenshots, excitement is definitely rising.

The new screenshots shown below showcase a new enemy type, some beautiful, yet decrepit scenery, and the new spreadable flame gameplay feature they have been working on. Everything looks brilliant so far and definitely horrifying. The game reminds me of a playable version of the film The Descent, which featured similar creatures surviving in the depths of a mountainous cave system. Being hunted has never looked like so much fun.

The Forest is planned for release later this year on PC. Endnight Games is working hard to ensure the world feels like a living, breathing place that continues even if you aren’t looking at certain aspects of it. The creatures have emotions and their own lives, the wilderness comes alive, and the nighttime is deadlier than anything before.


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Published Jan. 24th 2014

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