Bioware Holding Charity Auction Including Commander Shepherd's Voice

Wanna support superheroes and/or get Commander Shepherd to leave you a personalized voice mail? Have we got an auction for you!

The Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser is a pretty cool idea.  A bunch of people raise money for people with disabilities by dressing up in costume and rappelling down the side of a 28-story building.  It helps thousands of people every year, has a fun way of getting across its message, and even has a reasoning behind getting people dressed up as heroes in that they want to be able to help enough to be seen as heroes by fundraiser beneficiaries.

Enter Bioware...

Now Bioware is going an extra step further to help Easter Seals by hosting an online auction in order to raise even more money for the charitable fundraiser.  There will be a limited edition Dragon Age lore book, various collectors' edition Mass Effect art, comic books, games, and all sorts of other memorabilia available on Ebay for the inquiring charity-minded bidder.

Most exciting of the items up for grabs is the ability to bid on a personalized voice message greeting from Mark Meer, the voice of the male Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect.  Who wouldn't at least enjoy the geek cred of having that on their voicemail?

Bidding begins on August 19, don't miss it!

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Published Aug. 19th 2013

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